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Lead Pastor - Jeff Williams

Pastor Jeff and Jen were married in 2005, and graduated from Trinity Bible College in May of 2006. They have a heart for sound teaching of God’s word, global missions, and are excited for all that God has in store for Ransom County! 

Associate Pastor - Calvin Jorgenson

Pastor Calvin recently completed his time at Trinity Bible College and will graduate in the Spring of 2022 with a degree in Intercultural Studies. Pastor Calvin currently leads our Students of Faith ministry, and resides in Ellendale, ND, where he also works on the maintenance crew of Trinity Bible College’s campus.

Worship Leader - Patty Well

Patty and Wes Well have been a vital part of Faith Assembly of God for some time now, and they are a valued part of our Sunday service each week as they lead us in praise and worship! Patty also works full-time for Nucara Pharmacy in Lisbon, ND. 

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Kids Church Leader - Mindy Wiltse

Mindy and her husband, Cole, have three beautiful kids and a heart for kids ministry. While Mindy runs a daycare out of her home, she also spends her Sunday mornings teaching our kids and leading them deeper into the word of God and a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Men's Ministry Coordinator - Dale Johnson

Dale and his wife Diane have also been a key part of Faith Assembly of God over the years, and Dale has recently stepped up to help get our Men’s Ministry, the “Men of Faith” up and running. Dale brings a passion for seeing men of all ages come into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Women's Ministry Coordinator - Jen Williams

When Jen isn’t helping Pastor Jeff at the church, leading our Women’s Ministry, or working her full-time job, she is busy with their three amazing children and even finds time to lead the kids ministry on Wednesday nights.

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Missions Coordinator - Randy Cale

Randy and his wife Silvia have a deep passion for ministry both home and abroad, and have spent much time themselves doing missions work all over the United States and some foreign countries as well. Randy helps coordinate our funding with missionaries and his wife, Silvia, ensures the church family is kept up on all the current information pertaining to the missionaries with partner with.

Hospitality Team Coordinator - Joel Wiltse

Joel and his wife, Mary, have been an important part of Faith Assembly of God’s past and recent growth as they seek to make each guest who comes through our doors feel as though they are a part of Faith Assembly of God the second they arrive. Whether it’s a friendly handshake, a time of prayer, or just loving on a stranger, they want to make sure no one feels like they don’t belong here. 

Janitor - Allen Erickson

Allen Erickson is using his retirement time to bless our church by cleaning our facilities each week. He is always quick to share a joke or a word of kindness, and is a blessing to Faith Assembly of God.